Cloth: A Woman's Journey

‘Cloth: A Woman’s Journey’ explores the emotional struggles and challenges we experience while developing our identity and place in modern society from a woman’s perspective. The portraits depict a female model clothed in continues white fabric: tangled, restricted and shaped in the fabric to be perceived the way society has taught us. The beauty in the struggle demonstrates our two faces: the way the world sees us and how we see ourselves. 

These walls could never hold her.
Fabric of time,
Creases and lines.
The cloth could never mould her.
These walls could never hold her
Seamless scenes 
Of her reality 
Sewn together by the most expert 
Of dressmakers.
These walls could never hold her.
Suitors grew bolder
And placed pads on her shoulders
But the wait she bore 
Could not make her older.
No, these walls could never hold her.
Seams burst,
Primal thirst.
She rose forth 
From the cloth 
That could never hold her.



Art Director/ Photographer: Felicia May

Videographer: Jack Phillips

Music: 'A Glacier' by Peter Broderick

Model/Dancer: Sarah Gaul

Wardrobe Stylist: Mahilda J. Robinson / Felicia May

Hair Styling: Roman Ospina for GRO London

MUA: Liberty Callaway



Art Director/Photographer: Felicia May

Model/Dancer: Sarah Gaul

Wardrobe Stylist: Mahilda J. Robinson

Hair Stylist: Yonny Ospina

MUA: Dani Michalski